Benefits of Bulk SMS

Automatic Text Alert

Now you can use texting solutions to notify customers about post box rentals which are now due for payment.You can also inform customers about any balances that are due for payment.

Extend customer support

Customers don’t always have time to wait for a customer representative to take their call. The process can be automated by creating auto-responders for certain keywords

Transactional SMS

Company’s database must be connected to the SMS software API to provide automatic alerts for activities like overdue payments, balance changes, etc. This will save time on a lot of phone calls.

Marketing Campaigns and Promotions

You can run marketing campaigns and promotions through the SMS service. SMSes with information on new products or offerings from the organization can be sent to customers & they may include useful links

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

Customers can be allowed to send queries, questions and comments with regards to the company’s products and services. This would allow Swazi Post to measure customer service and satisfaction and know which areas need improvement.

Credit Control

The SMS service can be utilized by credit control to send notifications to clients regarding the Post rentals. It can also be used to inform clients on overdue payments and also send notifications on amounts that they need to pay.